Reactable show

Reactable show

Reactable show is a performance that consists in performing music by playing an unusual musical instrument — an interactive Reactable table.

A Reactable Show is a very entertaining and spectacular performance using a Reactable music table. Reactable show will make any event bright, memorable and enchanting.

 The Reactable Show is based on the principle of playing with simple sound effects by moving chips, cubes, as well as touching the touch tabletop of the music table. The Reactable interactive table is not just a unique musical instrument. It is also an innovative therapeutic development based on the most advanced technology. All this makes the Reactable Show a unique, spectacular, and striking show. The music table gives joy, pleasure, and fun! The Reactable Music Table allows you to use different variations of sound, affecting the different senses of people. This is a unique feature of this innovative musical instrument.


Reactable Show is a new way of looking at entertainment that won’t leave anyone indifferent! The music table reacts to every touch, which makes the show truly unique.

We guarantee you and your guests an unforgettable delight and pleasure. In addition, a Reactable show is a great way to make your event memorable, because we have a lot of ideas and a lot of ideas! Reactable Show is the best gift! You can order a Reactable show in Moscow and other cities of Russia. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you!


In our Reactable show, every viewer will be able to feel like a creator and try their hand both as a composer and as a performer. The Interactive Music Table The Reactable is an extraordinary piece of music performance that is used in real-time. If you like extraordinary entertainment and want to surprise your guests, then you should order a Reactable show.

 The interactive music table allows you to play on it both sitting and standing and in order to start playing, you do not have to press anything, you just need to touch the music table. This is a new trend in the world of entertainment that will impress even the most demanding viewer. What are the advantages of the Reactable Show? An unusual music table helps you play music through touch. Interactive makes it possible to feel like a creator of reality, giving birth to music with the energy of your soul. Reactable Show allows you to create musical masterpieces intuitively. Today the Reactable music table is no longer just a musical instrument for a Reactable show, it is something more — a tool for self-expression! Its features are interactivity and realism. The Reactable Music Table provides endless possibilities to work wonders! Delight and joy from our Reactable show are guaranteed! Reactable Show gives kids and adults the opportunity to create music and play with each other on the same music table together!

In our company, you can order a Reactable show for a wedding, corporate party, or anniversary. Our company operates in Moscow and the Moscow region, but ordering a Reactable show is possible throughout Russia.

Musical Reactable show is designed for any event: corporate events, banquets, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, presentations, parties, club parties, conferences, and much more. With the help of a Reactable show, your holiday will certainly become bright and original!


Reactable show